Secret Agent Man

  • November 23, 2013  06:52 PM
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It's difficult NOT to find in the daily news stories that relate to "SPY!" this, that, over here, over there and "HARD!".

For example, the Texas Lieutenant Governor has recently provided an Official Press Release of his views that relate to "domestic spying".

Unknown large sums of money are most likely being spent for SECURITY and PROTECTION and perhaps it's time for individuals to sit up and pay some additional attention to the matter.

In the mid 60's, Johnny Rivers produced a top song called "Secret Agent Man".  YouTube with lyrics.

I've created a program called "Secret Agent Man" that will ENCRYPT any TEXT desired and where I can share my great grandmother's "secret" recipe more securely.

While no measure is 100% secure (because humans DO exist!), at least a person might try to get it something closer to 99.999%.  This non-standard program is one very small 81K .exe and it utilizes a couple of variations of the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and displays the the results in a 64-bit encoding format.

Yep, "Secret Agent Man" encrypts the encryption plus identical TEXT is encrypted diffently upon each encryption request.

Currently, it only runs on the Windows operating systems.  I have tested it on XP, WIN7 and WIN8.  It may even run on the older unsupported Windows 98 and Windows 2000 operating systems.

The program is being compiled with the lessor known Pelles C 7.00 compiler.  This compiler was created and is maintained by only one individual ... and that's another story all by itself !!!

Latest program update (added the 64-bit encoding format):   December  7, 2013.

 Secret Agent Man